And just when you thought this nightmare was going to let up a bit, it's back on: RBC has tonight voted to extend the consultation period from 30th November 2016 until 11th January 2017. This means that you can continue sending letters and objections in to the council anytime until the 11th of January. You do not need to wait until the 30th of November.

Is this a victory? In some ways Yes - in other ways No. The council did yield to a level of pressure in extending the consultation period - but only because they realised they have unfinished business and they want to revise their plan and add additional documents to ensure it does not fall apart at the public examination. In other words - they are not doing us any favours.

But we will not relent, we will continue to pressure and lobby the council politically, as well as generating additional objections. Please keep writing objections and keep sending them in.