Click HERE to watch our light-hearted festive plea to Councillors Stokes, Timms, Butlin and Mr Back (Head of Growth and Investment) at Rugby Borough Council.

Set to the tune of Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”, we (again) ask the Councillors and Mr Back to take Lodge Farm (DS10) out of the Draft Local Plan for Rugby Borough. Make you turn your speakers/sound up for maximum enjoyment!

On Sunday we found out that Santa is also against Lodge Farm Village, as over 100 campaigners set out from Woolscott to walk the Lodge Farm Village site:

The start of the Santa Stroll

Following public footpaths, the group enjoyed a gentle seasonal stroll:

The start of the Santa Stroll
The start of the Santa Stroll

Heavy rainfall over the weekend saw significant amounts of surface water collecting on the A45 and also soaking the site:

The start of the Santa Stroll

The campaigners made their way towards one of the fabled "Two Bus Stops" which, according to Rugby Borough Council, in combination with Superfast Broadband makes for the sustainable delivery of 1500 homes. Sane individuals realise that two bus stops (now out of service - see below) and broadband come nowhere near fulfilling the requirements of the National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF) for sustainability:

The start of the Santa Stroll
The start of the Santa Stroll

A most welcome Christmas present from Rugby Borough Council would be the removal of Lodge Farm Village (DS10) from the Local Plan. Santa is watching Councillor Stokes, Councillor Timms and Mr Back - have you been good boys and girls this year? Your daft Local Plan suggests otherwise...

The start of the Santa Stroll

And just when you thought this nightmare was going to let up a bit, it's back on: RBC has tonight voted to extend the consultation period from 30th November 2016 until 11th January 2017. This means that you can continue sending letters and objections in to the council anytime until the 11th of January. You do not need to wait until the 30th of November.

Is this a victory? In some ways Yes - in other ways No. The council did yield to a level of pressure in extending the consultation period - but only because they realised they have unfinished business and they want to revise their plan and add additional documents to ensure it does not fall apart at the public examination. In other words - they are not doing us any favours.

But we will not relent, we will continue to pressure and lobby the council politically, as well as generating additional objections. Please keep writing objections and keep sending them in.

Millions of people across the English-speaking world are familiar with:

If I should die, think only this of me;
That there's some corner of a foreign field
That is forever England.

Rupert Brooke

The author of these poignant words, found in The Soldier, is Rupert Brooke (pictured left) widely acclaimed as the leading War Poet of World War One and Rugby's most famous son. When resident in Hillmorton, Brooke would often walk across the county boundary to visit his aunt in Barby, winding up the Drover's Track to ascend high above the Leam Valley. Looking out from Barby Hill, Brooke would marvel at the majesty of his beloved English countryside.

Fewer will be familiar with Brooke's lesser-known ode in part to the English countryside, which describes the view from Barby Bill across the Leam Valley to the Malvern Hills:

White mist about the black hedgerows,
The slumbering Midland plain

and is the same vista and environment that Rugby Borough Council wish to blight forever with the unsustainable Lodge Farm (DS10) development.

On Remembrance Sunday, members of the SALFV Commiteee gathered at the trig point on Barby Hill to remember all those who have fallen, and particularly Rupert Brooke, who died in 1915 while on active service with the Royal Navy.

The short video below illustrates the splendour of the Leam Valley as seen from Barby Hill on Remembrance Sunday.

Remember, this is our culture and heritage as immortalised by Rupert Brooke that:

  • Councillor Stokes (Leader - Rugby Borough Council)
  • Councillor Timms (Portfolio Holder for Growth and Investment - Rugby Borough Council)
  • Councillor Butlin (Rugby Borough Council, Deputy Leader - Warwickshire County Council and Portfolio Holder for Transport & Planning - Warwickshire County Council)
  • Mr Back (Rugby Borough Council - Head of Growth and Investment)

are so keen to see CONCRETED OVER.

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The consultation period is now over and SALFV has raised and delivered over 2000 objections to the Local Plan, requesting that Lodge Farm (DS10) be removed. In addition, a petition with over 1600 signatures was delivered requesting an extension to the illegal consultation period and the removal of Lodge Farm.

Our team can be seen here carrying in the objections! Well done everyone, thank you for taking the time to write your objections - it has and will make a real difference.